PTA President - Nya Hinton
About Me:
My name is Nya Hinton and I am excited to be your PTA President! I am a Greensboro native and actually attended Claxton in the first and second grade back in 1991 and 1992! I have three kids, who I call my Quties: my oldest son, Quadayr, who is in eleventh grade at The Middle College at NC A&T; my daughter, Questyn, who is in seventh grade at Southeast Middle School; and, my youngest son, Quaidyn, who is in fourth grade here at Claxton.

I have been involved in Claxton’s PTA since my kids began attending Claxton in 2014. I joined the PTA because I like to be involved in my kids’ schools while helping and learning about their school environment. I also like to serve others and show my kids that it’s cool to volunteer and lend a helping hand. Through volunteering with the PTA, I have learned more about Claxton, my kids, and myself as well as met some really awesome people who I call my friends! When I’m not volunteering or running my kids around, I enjoy reading (mainly Mary Higgins Clark books), watching movies, drawing, knitting, roller skating, and making pottery.

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