3,000 sheets:
4,000 sheets:
5,000 sheets:
6,000+ sheets:
Dr. Burgman will wear a blue wig all day.
Dr. Burgman will wear a Star Hat all day.
Dr. Burgman will dance at the Reading Celebration
Dr. Burgman will have a surprise for all students at the final Reading Celebration
Reaching for the STARS (Students To Achieve Reading Success)
Reading Incentive Program

We want to work together to encourage children to become successful readers.  To do that, we are asking that you work with your child to set aside daily reading time.  Please initial and date the form provided daily.  When your child has completed 20 days of reading, return it to your child's teacher and a new form will be sent home.  If your child completes and turns in two forms in a quarter, s/he will be invited to the Quarterly Reading Celebrations.  We will accept the forms as they are completed.

Help your child meet the challenge! What do you need to do?
  • Encourage your child to read daily (K-1 at least 15 mins; 2nd and 3rd at least 20 mins; 4th and 5th at least 30 mins).
  • Sign and date the form daily.
  • Remind your child to turn completed forms in and collect a new form from the teacher.
  • Model reading for your child.

By reading daily at home, children will:
  • ​Become better readers
  • Become more informed
  • Become more successful in school

Thanks for all you do!
Summer Reading Celebration was a blast with Kona Ice and Playground Time!