Hello Character 
Education Volunteer!

Thank you so much 
for your dedication to 
our students and to 
character development
 at Claxton! Character 
Education helps 
students learn to make wise choices in all situations. Your commitment to teaching these character traits to our students will impact our homes, our school, and our community at-large. Thank you for making a difference!

Please take a moment to e-mail us and let us know which grade / class you will be working with. We would love to have the opportunity to communicate updates and recommendations to you throughout the year.

In order to facilitate the character education program in your classroom, set up a time with the classroom teacher when you can come in and teach the character education lesson for that month. These lessons should last 30-60 minutes, depending on the attention span of the students and the time the teacher has available for the lesson.

Lesson plans, resources, and ideas to help teach the seven character traits identified by Guilford County Schools can be found on this page.  (If a hard copy is needed, please let us know.)
These materials are a guide. Please abbreviate or expand as needed.  

Grades 3-5

Each section includes…
Definition of character quality

Literature Suggestions- There are many wonderful books that can teach character traits. These are just a few suggestions. The Scholastic website is a great place to research books (ideas, summaries, etc.) http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/book.

Activities- Suggested activities. Do as many or as few as you feel appropriate for your particular classroom needs or limitations. Suggested worksheets, etc, are included in the lesson plans. If copies are needed, please make the request to your particular teacher in advance. And,

Closing- A time to reiterate the meaning of the particular character quality and challenge them to practice it!

Thank you, again, for investing in our children at Claxton Elementary. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Grades K-2
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